Life Happens. Run with it.

Yup! It’s taken us quite some time to embrace that fact and running has helped us get there!  We believe running provides more than just physical fitness – it saves you from yourself, your spouse, your boss, your kids, your universe.  But seriously, science shows that something happens in your brain when you run.  We’re not sure what it is but we know we like it!

Run With It Accessories & Apparel  is Whistler’s only specialty running store aiming to provide our area runners with enough stuff to get going, get better, and keep running.  We have running shoes, running apparel,  fuel belts, fuel, watches, sunglasses, socks – and, for when you have over done it – therapeutic supplies!

NEW Drop-in Run Skills Sessions starting April 30!  Click here for more info.! 

New Spring Hours! Check out our Contact page!

See you on the trails and at the store!